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Frontier Turkey was established in July 2011 when a group of like-minded South Africans embarked on a journey to explore their options of escaping the ever increasing risk of being stuck in a volatile and unsafe environment.

Turkey was chosen for a number of reasons:-

– 13th largest economy in the world.

– Gateway between Eastern and Western


– Safe foreign investment opportunities.

– Excellent return on investments.

– First World safety and security.

– Mediterranean laid-back lifestyle.

– Affordable housing options ranging from as low as R500 000.00.

– Residence permits for your family on purchase of a property.

– Citizenship subject to value of your investment.

South Africa cannot offer you any of the above, and the situation is worsening daily.

The Turkish people are extremely friendly, especially in Kusadasi on the west coast of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. Kusadasi is a holiday destination similar to South African coastal towns.

Kusadasi has a population of around 100 000.

The climate is moderate, with June-October the warmest months(30 degrees plus) It is a winter rainfall area, so no rains or even clouds during those months. Winter months are cool, with cold spells reaching 8 degrees.

Kusadasi has over 500 hotels and B&B’s, and more than 700 restaurants. Cuisine ranges from the world renowned and delicious Turkish and other middle Eastern dishes, to Indian and Chinese delicacies.

The cost of living is very low, with fresh produce such as grapes, apples, peaches, apricots, tomatoes, etc available daily from local farmers’ markets. You  are welcomed in the society as one of their own.

The Turkish people go out of their way to assist you wherever and whenever you go, and most businesses or markets will understand English, or at least what your requirements are.

There is a large community of Expats from around the world, especially from European countries such as England, Scotland, Germany and Ireland, and the South African community is growing almost monthly

We will tell you more when we meet or when questions are posed.


LIGHTHOUSE TURKEY is one of the largest estate agent companies in Kusadasi, and specialises in residential properties. The company is owned by the Ergun family, and is headed by Yilmaz Ergun.

Historically, South African investors occupied a small sector of their sales portfolio in the Kusadasi region. However, since 2007 this tendency has changed, with increasing enquiries from South Africans looking for affordable property investment in a stable environment.

LIGHTHOUSE TURKEY decided to open a separate branch to accommodate this ever-growing market, and hence the establishment of  FRONTIER TURKEY .

FRONTIER TURKEY  will operate under the auspices of LIGHTHOUSE TURKEY.

FRONTIER TURKEY  is headed by Paul Fourie , a Kusadasi veteran, having moved there in 2009. TURKEY FRONTIER has representatives in South Africa (Ferdi Barnard) and Ireland (Jacques Pretorius).

FRONTIER TURKEY  offers the following services:-

– Personal attention to all your questions and concerns as well as find you the right property that suits your budget and requirements.

– Presentations in Turkey, South Africa and Ireland.

– Travel arrangements, including collection in Izmir(our nearest local and

international airport 70km from Kusadasi)

– Accommodation arrangements.

– Personal attention in Afrikaans or English.

– Assistance with opening of bank accounts and income tax number


Please contact us for any additional information you may require to purchase your own, safe “PLEKKIE IN DIE SON” (Place In the Sun)

Contact Us :-

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Ferdi Barnard  South Africa Mobil   +27  83 377 7043   email:

Paul Fourie  Turkey  Mobil +90 539 388 3904   email:

Paul Fourie  South Africa Mobil +27 82 652 1061

Jacques Pretorius Ireland   Mobil +353 85 115 1003   email:

Yilmaz Ergun Turkey  Mobil+90 533 480 7537   email: