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Information / Rental Procedure

Rental Procedure



We have a selection of properties for rent in various locations.

We cater for short, medium and long-term rental Customers.

Our rental portfolio details properties to cater for all budgets.

All of our rental properties entail a signed rental agreement.


Let us know your requirements we will select a range of properties from our portfolio to meet your requirements and forward details to you prior to booking to enable you to choose where you wish to spend your vacation.

We will also arrange for licensed airport transfer from Izmir / Bodrum International Airports.


“CARETAKER” package.
Many Estate Agents offer “Caretaker” packages that involve weekly property inspection visits. We believe in honouring our commitments, we have assessed our ability to provide this service on a weekly basis and we currently do not have sufficient human resources to honour this commitment.

We have sourced a Turkish–English Company who is RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY to provide;

  • A “Caretaking” package for our Customers at extremely competitive rates.
  • A “Key holding service”- they will prepare the property prior to your arrival or your Guests arrival
  • They also provide licensed Airport transfer services from Izmir or Bodrum Airport (charges are applicable and are available on request)


Our company provides a range of management service for properties leased for a one-year term.

a) PART- MANAGED package.

With this service we find and vet the tenants, draw up the lease agreement, place them in the property. Should any maintenance be required on the property the tenants will contact us directly. We will contact you with the quotations, upon your agreement and receipt of funds we will arrange for one of our skilled tradesmen to attend and carry out the required repairs. We will forward all receipts and guarantees, retaining copies for our records.

b) FULL MANAGED package.

With this service we will arrange with the tenants to visit the property every 2 months and carry out an inspection. We then write a report based on the inspection and forward a copy to you. We keep in regular contact with the tenants and should any problems arise we will ensure that they are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our skilled tradesmen will carry out any necessary repairs (once you have been informed, agree and on receipt of necessary funds). We will forward all receipts and guarantees, retaining copies for our records.


We find, vet and place the tenants. We arrange the lease agreement. We will also arrange for the utilities to be changed from your name to the tenant’s names.

(Charges are applicable and are available on request)

To make the rental process more explicit, particularly for the ever-increasing number of Non-Nationals providing rental properties here, we use a pro-forma contract supplied by the KUSEMDER (Kusadasi Association of Estate Agents -Licensing Authority).

These comprehensive, numbered, contracts are pre-printed in both English and Turkish. They fully explain the terms of the rental agreement and provide a legally binding agreement between the Landlord and the Estate Agent.

Both Parties receive a copy for their records.

All of our rental properties irrespective of the term entail a signed rental agreement between the Tenant and us the Estate Agents thus providing you with legal protection in relation to the rental of your property.